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TubeInspect HD - Functional principle

The newly-developed TubeInspect HD is especially designed to suit the requirements arising in the production of bent tube and wire parts shorter than 600 mm. It works with the software platform BendingStudio that is applied in all tube measuring systems of AICON.

TubeInspect HD three-dimensionally inspects short, thin tubes and wires with diameters of 1 mm up to 10 mm. It checks various geometric features such as bends, length of the part, and end-to-end distance. The measuring field comprises a volume of 500 mm x 420 mm x 200 mm. TubeInspect HD is able to measure the geometries with a unique accuracy due to several decisive factors: It disposes of eight digital cameras positioned close to the work piece, each having a resolution of 2 megapixels.


Moreover, it uses a glass reference that is stable both with respect to shape and temperature. For the determination of the sheath tolerance, the measuring accuracy accounts for ± 0.025 mm.

The measuring results are available within seconds and are displayed on the provided notebook computer. They are presented in a color-coded way following a gauge check. Thus the operator can quickly make a decision about the quality of the parts.

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