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TubeInspect HD
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3D measurement of small tubes and wires

  • programmable optical gauge
  • for tubes with diameters of 1 - 20 mm and lengths of up to 600 mm
  • controls different geometric features such as bends, length of the part, and end-to-end distance.

“With TubeInspect HD, we are now in the position to immediately detect and correct the slightest deviations of the coiling elements.”

Robert Bosch GmbH, Hildesheim (Germany)

All information at a glance
TubeInspect HD (PDF)


Your advantages

  • tube measuring system that generates very fast results within a few seconds
  • achieves a very high accuracy
  • non-contact tube measuring
  • user-independent results
  • provides documentation of measurements (protocols)
  • requires only little space and can therefore be integrated into an existing production environment with minimal effort.

Functional principle

The newly-developed TubeInspect HD is especially designed to suit the requirements arising in the production of bent tube and wire parts shorter than 600mm. It works with the software platform BendingStudio that is applied in all tube measuring systems of AICON.


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