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Non-contact high speed monitoring of wheel motion in vehicle dynamics testing

  • on a moving vehicle or in a test station
  • measuring of wheel clearance
  • accurate measurement of all wheel parameters including track, camber inclination, spring travel, and steering angle
  • simultaneous monitoring of several wheels or axles

“We have already carried out more than 100 test drives with WheelWatch and we see the data generated by WheelWatch as a valuable complement to other measurement data. It is really easy to combine it with other sensors."

Theo Geluk, LMS International, Leuven (Belgium)

All information at a glance
WheelWatch (ZIP)


Your advantages

  • vehicle dynamics testing without mechanical connection between sensor and wheel
  • self-referencing to vehicle coordinate system in real time
  • very short setup time
  • extendable for other static and dynamic and measuring tasks

Functional principle

WheelWatch is built around a high speed digital camera consisting of a high resolution CMOS sensor, an integrated high performance flash and an image analysis processor.

The digital camera features extremely short shutter speeds of just a few micro-seconds that are necessary for vehicle dynamics testing. It also ensures the system is robust and stable over time.

WheelWatch provides data at a frequency of 490 Hz, ideal for studying and optimizing static and dynamic chassis parameters.


Background information

vehicle dynamics testing with WheelWatch

A technical article shows you how helpful it is to use optical measurement systems for vehicle dynamics testing.

Technical article on WheelWatch & EngineWatch


Certified quality

AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

AICON Certificate (PDF)

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"AICON’s measuring equipment has pushed us far forward in the area of quality assurance."

Florian Windler, Serto AG, Aadorf (Switzerland)

"In comparison with a CMM, the data acquisition with AICON's 3D scanning system is extremely time effective, enabling us to quickly obtain the evaluated data."

Jürgen Weber, Messtechnik Zollern GmbH & Co. KG, Sigmaringen (Germany)

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