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MoveInspect XR
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High-precision 3D coordinate measurement for big objects

  • versatile portable CMM
  • can be combined with hand-held MI.Probe
  • typical applications: comparison against CAD data, measurement of GD&T features, positioning and alignment of components, deformation analysis

All information at a glance
MoveInspect XR (PDF)


Your advantages

  • total freedom of movement through optical tracking
  • precise measurement in an unstable environment through "Dynamic Referencing"
  • easy measurement even in narrow spaces
  • no moving mechanical components
  • 3D and 6D coordinate measurement
  • static and dynamic measurement

Functional principle

In order to sustain its own competitive capability every company has to meet the challenge to develop products within shorter periods, and manufacture them at lower cost. The inspection of parts with respect to their reference geometry (CAD), motion and deformation behavior plays a decisive role.

AICON’s optical measuring system MoveInspect is applied to detect geometric changes three-dimensionally. With the new optical 3D coordinate measurement system MoveInspect XR now also the fast and highly precise measurement of components with sizes up to several meters is possible.


Background information

optical metrology - MI.Probe

The hand-held MI.Probe can be combined with all MoveInspect systems. It features extraordinary design and technical finesse – and is easier to handle than a measuring arm.


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