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MoveInspect HR
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High resolution camera systems replace measuring arms

  • versatile portable CMM
  • can be combined with hand-held MI.Probe
  • typical applications: positioning, alignment, tolerance check, dynamic measurement up to 5 Hz 

"The work with MoveInspect HR saves us a lot of time and opens up new opportunities."

Martin Zander, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Braunschweig

All information at a glance
MoveInspect HR (ZIP)


Your advantages

  • can be configured according to the user’s requirements with respect to object size and measuring accuracy
  • simple handling
  • complete freedom of movement for measuring because no mechanical limitations as experienced with a measuring arm
  • extendable for future measuring tasks

Functional principle

A separate measuring system for each measuring task - this philosophy is a thing of the past. Today, due to economic reasons, measurement equipment must be applicable in a versatile way. With MoveInspect HR, AICON provides a flexible coordinate measuring system that is available in different configurations. Although it works like a measuring arm, it is much more flexible.


Background information

MoveInspect HR with MI.Probe replace measuring arm

The hand-held MI.Probe can be combined with all MoveInspect HR systems. It features extraordinary design and technical finesse – and is easier to handle than a measuring arm.


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