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coordinate measuring machines for dynamic measurements - MoveInspect HF
MoveInspect HF - coordinate measuring machines
coordinate measuring machines - MoveInspect HF measurement report

MoveInspect HF - Functional principle

MoveInspect HF captures dynamic processes three dimensionally and analyses them regarding geometric changes. The high-end version is able to conduct tests without a time limit. This is a true breakthrough in optical metrology.

Tests with MoveInspect HF take only a fraction of the time and effort that traditional sensors such as travel sensors need in laboratory tests.

MoveInspect HF is based on a camera bar which is equipped with two digital cameras. These cameras collect data without time limit at a frequency up to 1,000 Hz.

For each point in time, the MoveInspect HF software determines, e.g. the 3D coordinates of object points, the 6-DOF coordinates of solid bodies, and the speed of the points and solid bodies. This calculation is fully automated.



Adhesive targets are placed at all points which are to be measured. As these targets are very inexpensive consumable supplies, MoveInspect HF is also the ideal system for destructive testing. Then MoveInspect HF is oriented in a way that all measuring points are located in the field of view of the cameras. After a short calibration (duration: 2 minutes), the system is ready for operation. The collected data of the coordinates are automatically transferred to the connected measuring software. Different modes are available to analyze the measurement: offine (i.e. later), online, or during the measurement in real time.

The integrated magnifier function allows for the visualization of the slightest movement. This is also possible in case of highly frequent processes with long observation times, i.e. when the data volume is very high. The results of the dynamic measurements are displayed in a clear and descriptive manner. They may also be exported to external analysis software such as DIADem. MoveInspect HF can be synchronized with other systems using standard interfaces. Thus, it also supports the control of dynamic processes.


Certified quality

AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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