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MoveInspect DPS
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Online 3D dummy positioning for vehicle safety testing

  • measuring and positioning system with high resolution digital cameras and  wireless probe
  • the software module DPS has been specially developed for the purpose of dummy positioning
  • works in a measuring volume of up to
    5 m also as a coordinate measuring machine
  • rotating camera bar ensures an optimal viewing field of the cameras for every type of vehicle
  • applicable for both sled and crash barrier facilities

“AICON's coordinate measuring system MoveInspect DPS helped TRW to increase quality and robustness in the preparation of sled tests.”

Wolfgang Semet, TRW Automotive GmbH, Alfdorf (Germany)

All Information at a glance
MoveInspect DPS (ZIP)


Your advantages

  • user independent and repeatable dummy positioning according to international regulations
  • is able to simultaneously record multiple measuring points in vehicle 3D coordinates and to compare target and actual values
  • the operator can move freely around the object to be measured as there is no connection between sensor and probe, in contrast to articulated arms
  • because of mobile and easy transportation the location can be changed quickly
  • positioning within only a few minutes
  • can also be used for general measuring tasks also in a larger measuring volume by simply adding other components from the MoveInspect Technology

Functional principle

The dummy is positioned and seated in the vehicle precisely according to the standards and regulations the test is based on. The DPS system consists of the camera bar comprising three high resolution digital cameras, a portable PC for system control, a wireless probe, accessories to target the points on the dummy, and the software module DPS in AICON 3D Studio.

The software module DPS has been specially developed for the purpose of dummy positioning. Combined with the DPS system, it serves as optical 3D positioning equipment that controls the 3D position of the dummy relative to the vehicle during the positioning process.


Background information

dummy positioning with MoveInspect DPS

MoveInspect DPS offers many advantages in comparison to an articulated arm: Arms are lacking of a special software dedicated to dummy positioning. Furthermore the measuring volume is limited. Moreover, it is not possible to extend the measurement system for new measuring tasks. 



Certified quality

AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

AICON Certificate (PDF)

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"AICON’s measuring equipment has pushed us far forward in the area of quality assurance."

Florian Windler, Serto AG, Aadorf (Switzerland)

"In comparison with a CMM, the data acquisition with AICON's 3D scanning system is extremely time effective, enabling us to quickly obtain the evaluated data."

Jürgen Weber, Messtechnik Zollern GmbH & Co. KG, Sigmaringen (Germany)

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