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New machine measures ten tubes in 85 seconds

Proton Engineering’s new investment, the cupboard TubeInspect P16 from German Aicon, will greatly reduce the time it takes to verify the bent tube through optical measurement with a highly qualified outcome. This is another step in our development to ensure the right quality to the customer. And the production becomes more cost effective, which also benefits the customer, says Fredrik Ottosson, CEO.

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New machine measures ten tubes in 85 seconds (PDF 689 KB)

High-speed camera systems measure vehicle dynamics

Automobile prototypes must be thoroughly evaluated so that final production models perform in an optimum manner. To do so, manufacturers must test their prototypes, evaluating how they perform at different speeds, road and handling conditions. In the past, such tests were performed by fitting numerous electro-mechanical and electro-optical sensors to each vehicle, capturing the data and comparing this with simulation models. While effective, such systems required multiple sensors to be precisely positioned on each vehicle, a task that is both time consuming and subject to generate inaccurate measurements.
To alleviate this problem, Aicon 3D Systems has developed a number of systems that use high-speed cameras to measure wheel and engine motion at vehicle speeds of up to 250kph.

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High-speed camera system for vehicle dynamics

Optical Camera-based 3D Measuring Systems for Tubes and Wires

TubeInspect P of AICON 3D Systems represents a further development of the technology for tube and wires measurement. The system is equipped with latest camera and LED illumination technology as well as a highly precise and long-term stable glass reference. With stereoSCAN of Breuckmann (company acquired by AICON in 2012) the automated scanning in production is granted.

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© PubliTec - Elemento Tubo - September/October 2014-Number 22
Optical Camera-based 3D Measuring Systems for Tubes & Wires (PDF 1,2 MB)

Camera-based measurement system sends waves of productivity through fabrication shop

According to the owner of Aero Bending, a US tube bending company, TubeInspect has improved productivity at least 10 times. The Californian company uses AICON’s optical tube and wire measuring system TubeInspect to measure bent tubes and to verify their dimensional criteria. Aero Bending has made significant time savings which influence the whole working process: Measurements are carried out more quickly, improving productivity of both machines and people as well as measurement reliability.

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Camera-based measurement system sends waves of productivity

Wire measurement with TubeInspect in tube today

Pioneer in wire technology: Kokinetics deploys TubeInspect for wire measurements

Can wire be measured using a tube measuring system? This was the question when Kokinetics GmbH was considering the procurement of an optical tube measuring system as an alternative to their conventional gaging checks. Kokinetics purchased a TubeInspect S from AICON, and the system has proven successfully in the routine testing of bent wires, making Kokinetics a pioneer in wire bending industry.

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Pioneer in wire technology (PDF 146 KB)

3D metrology for component testing in vehicle safety

Product development cycles of automotive components and vehicles are becoming shorter and shorter. That is why simulations and testing for automobile and supplier industries must constantly become more efficient. The cost and time savings from increased efficiency, together with the need for increased precision of test results, is driving more stringent requirements for testing equipment. Through the use of 3D coordinate measurement based on special photogrammetric measuring systems, AICON 3D Systems GmbH offers solutions which simplify both preparation and execution of test runs.

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3D metrology in vehicle safety (PDF 889 KB)

Vehicle dynamics with optical metrology

Optical measuring processes offer a far easier, extremly accurate alternative to mechanical methods for three-dimensial measurement of movements.

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Vehicle dynamics with optical metrology (pdf, 641 KB)

Tube measurement in the aerospace industry

A test report has documented the suitability of the tube measuring system TubeInspect for deployment in the aerospace industry.

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Measurement analysis (pdf, 147KB)

Applications in tube manufacturing

Stirling Energy Systems, Scottsdale, Arizona, a manufacturer of systems for the solar power industry, approached Harco Metal Products about making a component that requires a series of short, small-diameter tubes installed in a unique pattern. Because the bent tubes must have a continuously changing radius, the fabricator would need a machine capable of making free-form, multidimensional bends. It also would need a measurement system that could accurately evaluate such bends.

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Fabricator combines technologies to bend, measure multidimensional tubing (pdf, 198KB)

Measurement of automotive fuel pipes

A manufacturer of fuel storage and fluid carrying systems for vehicle braking and powertrain applications has made significant time savings after installing an optical gauge for the measurement of its formed tubes, pipes and wires. TI Automotive's Fuldabrück site in Germany, which specialises in manufacturing prototypes of fuel pipes, is using AICONs optical tube measuring system, TubeInspect, to measure its plastic fuel pipes.

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Production times for automotive fuel pipes improved with optical inspection

Cost optimization of tube manufacturing

“A penny saved is a penny earned” says a proverb. This is especially true when you are concerned with the success of your business. Therefore, reaching a high degree of efficiency is one of the main goals of a company. Manufacturing processes must be optimized continuously, and costs have to be reduced. However, where to start with cost savings? Businesses that produce tubes and pipes often mention four areas of costs that have a serious effect on total costs: gauge costs, material costs, storage costs and setup costs of bending machines.

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Cost optimization of tube manufacturing (pdf, 1MB)

Industrial robots in tube manufacturing

Industrial robots are able to accomplish a diverse selection of tasks, but giving them vision presents some interesting challenges in itself.

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AI can see clearly now (pdf, 2MB)

Focusing on bent tubing

Measuring the bends and straight sections of a bent tube can be tricky and time-consuming, especially if the tube has a large number of bends in several directions. Photogrammetry, also known as optical measurement, uses a booth equipped with several digital cameras to make a digital image of the part, allowing fast, easy measurements.

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TubeInspect replaces articulated arm

The Swiss tube manufacturer Serto has replaced its articulated arm with AICON's tube measuring system TubeInspect.

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TubeInspect replaces articulated arm (pdf, 759KB)

AICON company profile

The newspaper of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA) published a company profile about AICON 3D Systems and interviewed AICON's president Dr. Werner Boesemann.

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AICON Interview in "Connections" (pdf, 636KB)

Measurement of free-form tubes

The magazine Tube & Pipe Technology informs about the measurement of free-form tubes with AICON's measuring system TubeInspect.

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New software release enables measurement of free-form tubes (pdf, 355KB)

Measurement of wheel motion

The Belgian company LMS International applies AICON’s optical measuring system WheelWatch to monitor wheel motion on a moving vehicle.

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LMS News August 2008 (pdf, 280KB)


Greg Blackman from the British magazine "imaging & machine vision" investigates some of the applications of machine vision in the automotive industry including AICON's TubeInspect.

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Vision in the driving seat (pdf, 5.43MB)

Inspection of starter armatures

At the Robert Bosch plant in Hildesheim, Germany, 8.5 million starter armatures are produced annually.

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Measuring Millions (pdf, 3.64MB)


The American Advanced Imaging Magazine has awarded AICONs measuring system TubeInspect as "Advanced Imaging Solution of the Year 2008" in the category "Machine Vision".

Read the whole article! (pdf, 525KB)


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AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

AICON Certificate (PDF)

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