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MoveInspect XR8 accelerates inspection, tracking and positioning applications

9 March 2017 - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has today released a new camera-based portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for highly precise shop-floor measurements. The AICON MoveInspect XR8 detects geometric conditions and changes in three dimensions to deliver highly-accurate measurement data.

Based on the renowned AICON MoveInspect Technology, the MoveInspect XR8 is the only measurement system able to simultaneously capture multiple points. This makes the system significantly faster in many applications, and therefore capable of offering clear time- and cost-saving benefits.

The CMM consists of a camera beam with two high-resolution eight-megapixel cameras. Its calibrated cameras are equipped with invisible flashes that eliminate dependence on environmental lighting, and the system’s ruggedised housing makes it suited to almost any industrial environment. Measurement with total freedom of movement is delivered by use with the AICON MI.Probe handheld probing device, while the MoveInspect software determines the 3D coordinates of object points or the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) data of solid bodies at any time.

“We believe the new AICON MoveInspect XR8 is one of the most stable portable camera-based CMM ever to enter the market,” explains Carl-Thomas Schneider, General Manager of AICON 3D Systems. “With this system, shop-floor recalibrations are reduced to a minimum, removing unnecessary delays from the measuring process.”

Problems typically presented by vibrations, noise, and position changes are solved by the ‘Dynamic Referencing’ function. This allows the system to automatically detect and compensate for disturbances immediately, ensuring reliable results in even unstable shop-floor environments. The MoveInspect XR8 system also simplifies and accelerates assembly and positioning processes, and can replace costly assembly gauges. The system monitors the process, guiding the operator in positioning the part, while immediate feedback serves as a final inspection of the positioning and assembly process.

AICON MoveInspect XR8 is available to order from 20 March 2017. More information is available through local Hexagon commercial operations and dealers.



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