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AICON Scanner

최고 정밀도의 3차원 측정


New Application Report: Thumbs up for TubeInspect P16

19 April 2017 - From a sketch right through to the finished product, from a... 자세히 보기


The AICON 3D Forum 2017 – a great success!

15 March 2017 - Exciting lectures, hands-on metrology and interesting... 자세히 보기


Contact-free scanning preserves fragile Maya findings

13 March 2017 - The manifold culture of the Maya and the Rosalila Temple in... 자세히 보기


MoveInspect XR8 accelerates inspection, tracking and positioning applications

9 March 2017 - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has today released a new... 자세히 보기


Humanetics and AICON sign distribution agreement

3 March 2017 - Humanetics to become the exclusive provider of the AICON dummy... 자세히 보기


TubeInspect is ahead of its time

15 February 2017 - Communication between humans, machines and products – the... 자세히 보기


Supposedly lost text becomes visible again

17 January 2017 - The text of a nearly 1,000 year old lead plate from the... 자세히 보기


New Crash Test Centre at Mercedes-Benz: AICON’s Systems are part of it

21 December 2016 - The world’s most sophisticated crash test centre – this is... 자세히 보기


Event: 17th AICON 3D Forum, 9 March 2017 in Braunschweig

20 December 2016 – On March 9, 2017, AICON will host the 17th AICON 3D Forum in... 자세히 보기


Efficiently measure and manufacture stabilizers in chassis

29 November 2016 - Stabilizers are crucial for a vehicle’s safety and comfort. 자세히 보기


The Breuckmann Award 2016: … and the winner is…!

15 November 2016 - Erica Nocerino is the winner of the Breuckmann Award 2016.... 자세히 보기


AICON scanners – broad product portfolio for 3D digitization

8 November 2016 - From smallest injector nozzles to meter high building... 자세히 보기



24-28 April 2017 HANNOVER
MESSE, Hanover/Germany,
Hall 17 Booth E49자세히 보기

26-28 April 2017 Vietnam
Manufacturing Expo 2017,
Hanoi/Vietnam자세히 보기

3-5 May 2017
Affidabilità & Tecnologie,
Torino/Italy자세히 보기

9-12 May 2017 Control,
Hall 5 Booth 5202자세히 보기

9-12 May 2017
Industry Days,
Budapest/Hungary자세히 보기

10-13 May 2017
WAFIOS In-House Exhibition,
Wuppertal/Germany자세히 보기

16-18 May 2017 SafetyWeek,
Booth 3자세히 보기

30 May–2 June 2017 Moulding
Expo, Stuttgart/Germany,
Hall 5 Booth 5D22자세히 보기

13-16 June 2017
Las Vegas/USA자세히 보기

20-22 June 2017 Automotive
Testing Expo Europe, Stuttgart,
Hall 1 Booth 1114자세히 보기

21–23 June 2017
DMS Japan,
Tokyo/Japan자세히 보기



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