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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

In the course of history, mankind has created great works of art whose heritage must be preserved for the present as well as for future generations. Therefore, the significance of digital and visual imaging and documentation of these masterpieces with the aid of high-resolution whitel-light 3D scanners has been increasingly growing - be it in the field of architecture, fine arts or archaeology in general.

For an improved color reproduction, a clearer contrast and a higher texture resolution, you can map the object's high-resolution texture to the 3D scan data with the help of an additional OptoCat module.


The Bernd Breuckmann Award

We believe that excellent ideas are not only worthy of outstanding technology, but equally so deserve encouragement and support. This is why we have the pleasure to introduce to you the ‘Bernd Breuckmann Award’ to acknowledge and support the best ‘3D Scanning Research Idea’ of a non-profit scanning project in the field of arts and culture.



For the fast and precise documentation of surfaces with curvatures, breuckmann Scanners are the first choice. Both the texture and color of the object can be captured simultaneously along with the scan data, enabling an exact match of the 3D coordinates and their corresponding color information.


Mold making

Precise three-dimensional scan data is the basis for true-to-original and true-to-detail replicas of models which using varying techniques can be produced in a variety of scales including color textures.



The 3D documentation of cultural heritage is increasingly gaining in importance. Breuckmann scanners provide a contact-free 3D image acquisition method which is also suitable for projects involving delicate or fragile objects.



In the museum, or directly on site – breuckmann scanners capture valuable findings at any, sometimes unusual or even remote locations. The generated 3D scan data assists to analyze, interpret, model and digitally archive findings of all sizes.



Archaeological teeth and bone findings in the focus of research: The only way to identify many of the extinct animal species is through the remains of their dentition. With the help of 3D dental data, it is also possible to explain our ancestors’ adaptations to the different kinds of available foodstuffs and indirectly to derive clues with regard to the climate conditions of past times.


Research Projects

breuckmann 3D Scanner combine high-precision three-dimensional scanning technology with longstanding expertise in the application field of arts and cultural heritage. With our scanning systems and our profound knowledge we support and advance international research projects.



Certified quality

AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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