Portable coordinate measuring technique

Deformation analysis

A strong team for vehicle safety

A strong team for vehicle safety

Continental Safety Engineering International GmbH uses ProCam and MoveInspect DPS

Vision Zero, the vision of accident-free driving, is one of the longterm goals of Continental Safety Engineering International GmbH. Since 1992, the company has operated a proofing ground for vehicle safety testing. Since 2006, Continental has been using ProCam for fast and easy vehicle measurement before and after crash tests, as well as for structural deformation analysis. Since 2013, the team has also been working with MoveInspect DPS for online 3D dummy positioning.


Deformation analysis: Measuring marks on a vehicle in a climate chamber

Vehicles under challenging climatic conditions

EDAG Engineering GmbH applies AICONs DPA to measure deformations in a climate chamber

Doors, fenders, bumpers, spoilers – car body components must fit precisely and withstand any environmental conditions. Special characteristics such as deformation or expansion must therefore be measured during the development phase of new materials or components. How do materials change at high temperatures, high humidity, or extreme cold? EDAG Engineering GmbH is using AICON's DPA coordinate measurement system to carry out deformation analyses on vehicle prototypes and components.


Deformation analysis: DLR measures solar sail booms

Space travel with solar power

DLR uses MoveInspect HR to measure solar sail booms

A huge solar sail unfolds in space and drives a satellite that explores the solar system. So-called solar sailing is not a vision for the future, but may soon be reality in space exploration. The institutes of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Braunschweig and Bremen are working together with the European Space Agency ESA and the Technical University of Braunschweig on the so-called Gossamer Project.


Deformation analysis: Eurocopter Germany measures solar panels

DPA in Aerospace

Rapid surveying of solar-panels with mobile 3D measurement system

At Eurocopter Deutschland the component testing under burdening of solar panels is part of a vast standard testing routine. In this context, also parameters for stiffness and flatness of the panel are determined. For these measurements Eurocopter now relies on AICON's 3D measurement system DPA.


Deformation analysis with DPA

Optical measuring in a climate chamber: Deformation analysis with DPA

Climatic tests are carried out for the evaluation of environmental influences on new production materials. In order to determine 3D deformations arising during the tests, the mobile 3D industrial measurement system DPA is the ideal tool. The results of a large number of measuring points are available within minutes, and graphical output options make the interpretation of deformations much easier.



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AICON is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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