AICON BendingStudio 5.0 – Improved Convenience in Bending Production

13 April 2018

Just in time for the Tube 2018, we present a new version of the software platform AICON BendingStudio. BendingStudio 5.0 offers many features that facilitate daily work in the production of bent components. The new software version contains further functionalities for a better connectivity between products and measuring systems. Thereby, AICON focuses on a consistent further development of the globally applied software BendingStudio, the only tool to meet these requirements with emphasis on metrological processes.

Complex components can now be measured with a new evaluation strategy. Especially for tubes and wires with flat bending angles or bend-in-bend geometries with short straight segments, the new improved function leads to clear bending corrections as interdependencies of correction data for push values or rotation angles are eliminated.

Thanks to the new REVERSE ENGINEERING function, actual data of components can be determined automatically, which considerably facilitates the process.

Now, even the hardware management of the TubeInspect measurement systems is integrated into the new version. Furthermore, various other useful functions, such as measurement data management and archive, were complemented and improved.


It takes several steps from a drawing to an actual part, each one requiring different types of data. BendingStudio links all data and processes around production of bended...

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