Breuckmann Award: Special Prize

19 June 2017

Visit to the Scanner Innovation Center: The special prize winner of the Bernd Breuckmann Award 2016, Carolin Heinemann, got an introduction to the techniques of the high-resolution 3D scanning.

Based on her studies about the transport of paintings, the quantification of transport damages shall not be carried out by the skilled restorers’ subjective evaluation of the state before and after the transport, but with the help of the AICON SmartScan high-resolution scan data. With this method, you can detect even microscopically small changes in the material that could sum up to visible damages only after several transports. In addition, the OptoCat Texture Mapping module allows transferring images taken under UV light onto the 3D geometry. This often helps to visualise traces of restoration.

The data form the basis for an exact mapping of the damaged areas as well as of endangered sectors that call for the restorers’ particular attention. On this basis, damages can be better identified and differentiated from old-age effects. The goal is to obtain a critical overall evaluation of the transports of paintings based on the collected status data and to work out proposals for secure transports.

Watch this space for the soon to be published application report on this fascinating research project!

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