Aircraft Components Manufacturer Adds Another Leg to Lean Journey

AICON’s TubeInspect cuts inspection time and delivers consistent, accurate results

15 September 2017

Globe Engineering Co. Inc. has invested in two camera-based tube measuring systems: the TubeInspect models P8 and P16. After TubeInspect was integrated into the work flow, it changed almost every aspect of the company´s operations.

Bend Shop Supervisor Shaun Knuth summed it up: “As soon as we installed TubeInspect, we saw everything move faster and better in the tube area. It gives everyone fast, accurate results and is incredibly reliable!”

The English specialist journal “The Fabricator” has published an article on the application of AICON’s TubeInspect at Globe Engineering Co. Inc. Read the whole story! 


The AICON TubeInspect measuring systems are specially designed for contact-free 3D measurement of formed tubes and wires in reverse engineering and serial production. 

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