The Freiburg 'Maulaufreisser' (Mouth Gaping Gargoyle) and his 3D Twins

15 February 2016

The figure of speech „carved in stone“ implies eternal and indestructible, a fact which however does unfortunately not apply to the unique architectural decoration features of the Freiburg Cathedral in Germany. In fact, very real ravages of time are chipping away especially at the exterior masonry: Weathering and increasing air pollution are taking their toll on the variously shaped reliefs and sculptures, transforming the medieval building into an extensive continuous construction site.

Since 1890, the Münsterbauverein (Cathedral Construction Association) has been responsible for the stone exterior and the building conservation of the Freiburg Cathedral. For this purpose, it is operating the more than 800 years old Münsterbauhütte (Cathedral Builders’ Hut), where stone masons and stone carvers apply traditional craftsmanship to maintain and preserve this unique building. In addition, the versatile 3D data of the smartSCAN makes it very own contribution to the conservation of this church monument.

Read more about this extraordinary mold making project in our new application report. 

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