Successful Completion of the PRESIOUS Project

Can you digitally complete a destroyed antique sculpture? Is it possible to predict the degradation of stone monuments?

03 May 2016

The successfully completed EU research project PRESIOUS gives answers to these questions. This international cooperation consists of universities of different disciplines and AICON as industrial partner. Based on the SmartScan’s detailed 3D data, the research group developed several software modules for applications in arts and cultural heritage.

These programs – partially free of charge – simulate for example the degradation of stone monuments and sculptures. If a finding is damaged or incomplete, you can digitally assemble and complete the monument’s 3D model. To calculate this reassembly, the software uses the contact surface of the broken object parts, the characteristics of curves on intact surfaces and a part of the object’s symmetries. The resulting data serve as basis to complete the real fragments or to 3D-print replicas of digitally restored sculptures. This innovative approach of computer-supported object restauration and conservation reduces time and costs – and allows destroyed findings to shine again in their former glory.

Click here for a movie with a short project overview.


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