New Turn-Tilt Unit: For the Automated and Exact Measurement of Components

20 June 2016

In the automated component measurement, turn-tilt units are often applied to approach the optimum scanning positions. Thereby, all relevant areas are captured while the number of single exposures is minimized at the same time.

The new turntiltUNIT-M allows for a fully automated, highly precise inspection and digitization of components of up to 10 kg and 400 mm in diameter. The high repeating accuracy enables a reproducible process.

The unit is a standard component of the enclosed measuring system PartInspect M. However, even in combination with other optical 3D measuring systems from AICON 3D Systems, it makes up the perfect solution for challenging measuring tasks.

Contrary to the previous model TTU 15, the turntiltUNIT-M is equipped with an anti-squeeze protection. It can be applied as stand-alone device without safety technology. Due to its construction, there is no  risk of squeezing. Applied as built-in device, the unit is equipped with an input to safety shutdown.

TurntiltUNIT-M is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to a robot. It is lighter and thus more moveable, and it does not require intensive training. AICON 3D Systems offers the turn-tilt unit as optional accessory. 

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